About the Artist

American artist Bill Montana is exploring the relationships between axiom and forms of pseudo-history as they relate to culture, when encountering his works the viewer is transported  temporarily state of mythological motifs of the participation mystique.

His current work combines multiple visual elements of forms some of which are taken from fragments of art history and art culture to form a new dialogue between the past and present. His approach to these works has emphasis on ways of sensing, feeling and experiencing our collective memory differently. Montana constantly tries to transgress the boundaries between physical history by crafting a pseudo-biography that is related to dream states.
His work has been exhibited in the US for three decades.

In one of his recent bodies of work Montana is working with collage and assemblage using a mixture of traditional techniques with cutting edge technology to create works that fall within the strata of new media.

Currently Montana is working in his studio in Dayton, Ohio building a new collection of works.

.Abbreviated List

1986-1988 William and William Gallery. Dayton, Ohio
1988-1990 Brinds Gallery Dayton, Ohio
1990-1991 Gallery 257, Dayton, Ohio
1992-2002 Records lost.
During this period lecturer, and various solo and group shows Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky including a few museums nationally. Records were lost during a theft. In 2002.
2002-2008 Warehouse various group shows Cincinnati, Ohio
2006-2010 Peal Dayton, Ohio various group shows
2006 Dayton Live Art Network Performance Art Show, Dayton, OH With Robin Deacon
2007 Dayton Art Institute (museum) guest lecturer/ performance art with Leigh A Waltz.
2007 -2010 Vex Various Group Shows
2008 Dayton Visual Art Center Short Show Solo
2015-2016 Lecturer Workshops at Las Vegas Pro and later Top Hat Vegas, Nevada
2017 William Cunningham Gallery Dayton, Ohio, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada
2017-2018 The Orphanage – Curator

The works of Bill Montana are in public and private collections world wide.

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